Chief Maintenance Instructor

Epic Aviation Academy (Epic Flight Academy) is currently seeking a qualified Aviation Maintenance Technician to serve as Chief Instructor and Program Manager for the upcoming Epic Aviation Academy Part 147 Maintenance Training School
The Epic Academy organization has been in existence since 1999 as an incredibly successful Part 141 Flight School.
In that time, Epic has grown into one of the most well known flight training institutions in the world, having trained thousands of pilots from over 60 countries.

We are currently 1 year into our certification process for a Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Training Program, and are looking for a highly motivated, highly experienced individual to serve as our Chief Instructor.

The Chief Instructor will be responsible for developing training manuals, SOP's, checklists, and safety practices, while helping to develop the program standards.
The Chief instructor will also be responsible for hiring and training additional instructors, as well as providing oversight to those instructors.

The chief will also be a primary instructor for AMT training.

We are looking for someone with significant industry experience and (preferably) part 147 school experiences to help us develop, set up, and build out our facilities and program.
Initially, the Chief instructor will be paid on a contract basis during the certification process for all hours.
Following certification, the Chief instructor will be moved to a salaried position at a rate to be determined based on experience.

We believe that Epic is primed to provide a critical path for domestic and international students wishing to complete Aviation Maintenance Training at a competitive price.
Our international marketing and recruiting success leads us to believe that this will be a highly successful program, mirroring our incredible flight academy accomplishments.

The Chief instructor position will entail a great deal of commitment and patience while we get the program running, but will allow him/her to truly make it their own.
If you have questions please feel free to ask, we're very proud of the company we've built and take very seriously the investment we place in our employees.

If you believe that you have the experience and work ethic to help us start the next chapter in the Epic saga, send your resume and cover letter to
John Evans - email removed

Qualifications Required:
FAA AMT Airframe and Powerplant Certificates
Inspector Authorization
At least 5-10 years industry experience
Part 147 AMT Experience Preferred

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